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Carolina’s Wild Thangs is a tongue-in-cheek southern slang phrase meaning unique and obscure items for your outdoor living spaces.
This company is founded on the hunt for thangs that are striking, stunning, colorful and if they light up, all the better! Founded in 2017 (after 10 years in NC) to fulfill a creative need, Kelly Allen started this company with a love of art, music and the great outdoors. Not much of a gardener, she relies on those special thangs to fill her gardens with love, life, and color! She is learning though and now will incorporate seeds and sprouts as gifts for planters and just because…

Featured Products

Sweet Tea Lantern – Mint


Catching the sun’s rays by day, our Mint Solar Tea Lantern lights up at night to cast a warm romantic glow from within. Clean and quaint each hand-blown glass lantern is a unique combination of stunning green and blue glass resulting in a bright mint color that is sure to delight.