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New Thangs

Blossoming Lily Floral Trio Spinner Garden Stake


This Blooming Trio Spinner has the perfect color combination. With just a whisper of wind, each bloom will twirl! This stunner stands 54″ high! Made from metal and weather resistant. Brings a pop of color and movement to any boring area of your yard!




Soji Original Solar Lantern – Red


This classic red lantern with white LED lights adds instant ambiance to any festivity. Ideal for summer parties and enjoying outdoor spaces by dusk! Soji™ solar powered lanterns glow in a jiff without the hassle of electrical cords. Elegant festival lanterns accordion open, collect sunlight all day and turn on to cast a beautiful glow by night. Makes for a stunning Christmas light in your front yard trees!

New Thangs

Solar Flamingo


Who doesn’t LOVE a flamingo! These darlings look great as a pot sticker or as a flock in your flower bed. They are solar so they need to be in a sunny place during the day to charge up and then they put of a warm, soft glow at night! Remember, re-chargeable batteries are your best friend!